About us

“Athens Therapy Dogs” was created in February 2016 in order to promote effectively in Greece the therapeutic method of contact with dogs as an alternative therapeutic approach for vulnerable groups. As vulnerable groups, we consider people with particularities, people suffering from mental illness or incurable diseases as well as children who participate in correctional programs or live in orphanages.

Our team consists of positive dog trainers, social workers,sociologies,special educators, lawyers and administrative managers. The owners of our therapy dogs are also part of our team and contribute as volunteers.  In addition we also have volunteers who are willing to adopt dogs that meet the criteria in order to later traine them as therapy dogs.

Our mission is the consistent and effective presence in institutions supporting  individuals who belong to the above mentioned sensitive groups in order to conduct sessions with dogs within a well-structured and consistent therapeutic framework.

Our purpose is:
to promote and enhance the value of the contact between man and dog as well as the provision of a safe and effective framework of therapeutic contact with dogs

Our goals are:
Our goals are to provide safe therapeutic contact sessions with animals with respect and sensitivity both to the beneficiaries and to our therapy dogs.
Particularly, through our action we aim at:
• the creation of a network consisting of scientific advisors, positive trainers and volunteers who will promote the therapeutic treatment with dogs in Athens
• the provision of courses and seminars to those who wish to volunteer (with or without their pet)
• the improvement of the quality of life and the development of self-esteem and self-confidence to people with specific features and / or limited social stimuli