Our Actions

The Training Centre for Children with Special Needs “K.E.E.P.E.A. Orizontes” is a non-profit, officially recognized as a Charity Association that operates as Service Unit for the training needs for persons with special mental needs and autism, based in Agios Dimitrios – Attica. It targets persons of 15-35 years old with mental retardation and behavioral disorder as well as Autistic medium or high functionality. Basic aim is the continuous improvement of the services provided to people with disabilities and their social integration.



Hamogela are a set of activities and services, an initiative of the Special Educator Vasia Lianos. Having lived abroad, she has realised that people with disabilities are really treated as equal members of the community in which they live, she dreamed to achieve the same in Greece. The aim is to provide them the support to move comfortably and safely in the street, to receive high quality education, but also to create friendships and be able to enjoy recreational activities. The main services offered are 4 and are covering a wide range of activities, both within a classroom and outside. The Parallel Support to students with Special Educational Needs and Home-specific education sessions is delivered exclusively by the scientific responsible Vasia Lianou while the External Programmes and the Summer Program are offered by the dedicated team of Special Educators.



Amimoni is an association created by parents, children and friends for persons visually impaired (partial or total loss of vision) having additional disabilities (mental retardation, autism, neurological disorders, movement and sensory problems) in order to offer them all the prerequisites for a decent quality life, evolution chances and education. Officially recognized as a Charitable Association, it has already helped up to 200 families and is now providing services to 90 persons from infants to adults up to 40 years old.


Asterion Actions

The “Asterion Actions” program aims to develop social skills, interpersonal relations, communication, child responsibility and self-image through a variety of activities, events and external programs. Art and music, dance workshops, puppet shows, tours in museums, fairy tales, children’s concerts, children’s cinema and theater performances, visits to department stores and supermarkets are some of the activities involved. Children are also taught the basic road safety rules and safe navigation in crowded public places (metro, shopping centers etc.) as well as money management. The activities are selected based on their suitability for achieving the program objectives and their adaptability to the needs of the beneficiairies.

We are always open to suggestions that would enrich the range of our activities and provide entertainment to participants.