Our Team

“Athens Therapy Dogs” was created in February 2016 in order to promote effectively in Greece the therapeutic method of contact with dogs as an alternative therapeutic approach for vulnerable groups such as: children with special needs, people suffering from mental illness or incurable diseases and minors who live in orphanages or participate in correctional programs. Our team consists of positive dog trainers, child psychologists, lawyers and administrative managers.

Vasilis Soukos – Founding member

Vasilis is the inspirator of Athens Therapy Dogs! Born and raised in Pirgetos of Larissa. His love for dogs and the willingness to offer to the community gained his interest and he envisioned what we now call Athens Therapy Dogs.

Daphne Peter – Founding member
Daphne studied as Special Educator in the Jona Center Rappeswill in Zurich. She participated in the organization of Ippotherapy camp organized in Saint Moritz and she has worked in foundation for disabled or autistic children in the Swiss Alps in the Netherlands. She has also worked as a Water therapist with dolphins for disabled children. Furthermore she organized and participated in summer camps with abused children in Lugano. She worked at the Swiss Center Nautilus, participating in worldwide holidays programs for children with disabilities. She actively engages in animal-friendly activities and she is the owner of three dogs: Nikolaki, Stalitsa and Burger!

Panagiotis Krystallis – Founding member
Panagiotis is a lawyer who was raised and lives in Athens. He has two dogs, Fate, which was found abandoned in the street, and Sunny, who was adopted. He is interested in dogs and books and enjoys walking in the city.

Annitsaki Constantina – Founding member
Our youngest member, Konstantina, is a student in Sociology at the Panteion University. Owner of three dogs, the Dude, the Truffle and April, and of a cat, Olaf. Her favorite activity is spending time in the animal welfare and sharpsshooting.

Stouraitis Haris – Founding member
Haris is the Positive Dog Trainer for Athens Therapy Dogs. Born in Aachen, Germany, and living in Greece since the age of 3 years old. As a professional and as a person, his only purpose is to educate positively our furry friends and their owners and to turn negative behaviors in positive so as dogs and people can live together and cooperate.

Erietta Karampetsou – Founding member

Katsioti Chryssanthi
Chryssanthi is a graduate social worker of department of TEI of Athens. She did her intership in the juvenile probation department of Athens, in Dromokaitio and the Thriasio psychiatric clinic. She has voluntarily worked in KETHEA Nostos and is a founding member of the animal welfare group of Elefsina, “Stray Mysteries”, which aims at the development of education and culture on the subject of caring for animals.