Scientific Staff

The Scientific Advisor of Athens Therapy Dogs is Dr. Katerina Loukaki.

Born in Athens in February 1956, she studied Veterinary Medicine in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1974-1980). Homeopathy Studies in Athens, in M.I.H.R.A. (1991-1994) and then, special education in Homeopathy Veterinary Seminars in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium. Freelancer: Companion Animals (1981- present). Moreover, since 2008, her scientific interest extended to the field of the therapeutic contribution of pets, considering that this sector can be an important subject for the veterinarian of small animal. From November 2008, she implemented, for the first time in Greece, a scientific therapeutic program with companion animals at Paidon Hospital (pet therapy). In November 2011, she was proclaimed “Doctor of the Medical School of Athens”. The subject of her PhD thesis is the Therapeutic Companionship of pets in children with chronic problems and children without health problems.